We’ve Introduced Fee Concessions | What does this mean for you?

The ICCP Steering Committee has decided to reduce membership fees for residents of certain qualifying countries. This follows the lead of other UK-based institutes, such as the RICS and CIOB, who operate similar schemes.

The decision was based upon the following considerations:

  • One of the ICCP’s objectives is to award membership to those who have experience, or who wish to obtain knowledge and experience, in dealing with claims. If potential members are excluded because of financial reasons, we will not be fulfilling this fundamental goal.
  • Another objective is to set professional standards for dealing with claims to help to improve the quality of claims and responses worldwide. Again, if we are denying people the opportunity to learn how to do this, we are not achieving our goal.
  • Professionals in low-income countries have often not had the education and training that those in more developed countries have received. One of our purposes is to redress this balance.
  • We consider that the institute, together with its members, has a professional and ethical obligation to help those who wish to improve themselves and this particularly extends to those who reside in developing countries. The ICCP is a forum for the exchange of information and provides extensive information related to claims to help our members increase their professional knowledge.

This is a major step for the institute, and it is hoped that the concessions will make membership more accessible to people who otherwise may have been unable to join.

If you wish to check whether your country of residence qualifies for the concessionary fees, please check our List of Qualifying Countries.

If you wish to check out the membership criteria, please check our Membership Page.