Terms and Conditions


1.1 Membership

  • We have 5 categories of membership to the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners:
    1. Associate Membership
    2. Member Membership
    3. Fellow Membership
    4. Corporate Membership
    5. Register of Construction Claims Practitioners

1.2. Pricing

  • Membership fees for each category are listed as follows:
    1. Associate Membership: £190
    2. Member Membership: £260
    3. Fellow Membership: £260
    4. Corporate Membership: £2,500 plus optional add ons.


2.1. How do we process transactions relating to membership applications, renewals, upgrades and reinstatements?

  • Members can process membership fees online using credit card via PayPal.
  • Members can also request to process membership fees via bank transfer. In such instances, members are guided to email the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners and request an invoice and our bank details.
  • Members must acknowledge that they have read our Terms and Conditions before they can proceed with any transaction through the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners website.

2.2 Do we store your credit card information? 

  • We use Sage Pay to collect and process transaction information. Your card details are entered onto a secure page and are entered in line with Sage Pay’s security standards. Sage Pay’s full security policy can be read here.


3.1. Delivery Timeframe

  • Results of all membership applications, renewals, upgrades and reinstatements will be communicated within 14 days of your application submission.
  • New membership certificates will be delivered within 30 days from the date that your application was approved and membership status confirmed.


4.1 Refunds

  • No refunds, in full or in part, will be made to those wishing to cancel their membership to the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners. Memberships must be renewed annually and those not wishing to renew can opt to not pay their renewal fees and, after the 14 day grace period has lapsed, will no longer be considered a member of the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners Limited.
  • Refunds will be given to those who have applied to join the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners at Member level but, due to their qualifications and experience, have only been admitted at Associate level. Member membership fees are £260/ year whereas Associate membership fees are £190/ year. Applicants will therefore be refunded the difference in membership fees of £70.