Professional Recognition for Construction Claims Practitioners

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners meets the urgent need to standardise construction claims methods.

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners (ICCP) is an international organisation providing recognition to those who have gained experience and qualifications in the claims sector of the construction industry.

The ICCP offers individual membership at Associate (AICCP), Member (MICCP) and Fellow (FICCP) levels based on qualifications and experience.

Corporate membership is available to companies that specialise, or who have departments that specialise, in construction claims and membership will be awarded on the basis of the services offered, expertise and company history.

“There is now an urgent need to standardise the methods used by claims practitioners and to publicise their services.  For those who join the ICCP there will be immediate recognition of their knowledge and skills which is essential when seeking commissions to prepare and negotiate claims, to respond to claims, or for those seeking positions of employment as claims practitioners” said Roger Knowles, Honorary President of the ICCP and Founder of the Knowles Group.

Aside from gaining recognition within the industry as someone who possesses the right knowledge and skills to gain membership of the ICCP at the appropriate level, members have access to an online Knowledge Centre where they have the opportunity to interact with other members in the ICCP discussion forum and download industry papers.

Members receive regular updates on new book releases and global training courses. Members are eligible for 25% discount on books in partnership with publishers Wiley Blackwell, 15% discount on books in partnership with publishers Routledge and 10% discount on Construction Claims Distance Learning and Intensive Training Courses offered by Claims Class.

Members and Fellows operating on a consultancy basis will also have the opportunity to include themselves on the ICCP Register of Claims Consultants so that third parties seeking professional advice may make direct contact.

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About the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners

The ICCP is a professional institute that offers individual and corporate membership to those who specialise in construction claims.

The ICCP is an international organisation and is accessible to appropriately qualified and experienced claims practitioners on a worldwide basis.

The objectives of the institute are: to promote international professional standards for the management of claims; to give recognition to those who have gained appropriate knowledge and experience in the management of claims; and to help and educate those who wish to gain experience in the management of claims.