When the idea came about to create a professional institute to recognise those with skills, qualifications and expertise in the professional management of claims, we were delighted to receive endorsement and support from a true industry legend, Roger Knowles.

Roger is a chartered surveyor, chartered arbitrator, barrister and CEDR accredited mediator. He left school at 16 years of age and commenced work as a trainee quantity surveyor, following which he secured his qualifications employing distance learning courses. His early career was that of a quantity surveyor, when he gained a great deal of experience of working on construction sites. He founded James R. Knowles in 1973, a company of dispute resolution consultants, as a sole practitioner.

Roger built up James R. Knowles until it was a world renowned brand and in 1998 became a quoted company on the AIM market. He sold his interests in James R. Knowles to Hill International in 2006. Since then, Roger has acted as an independent disputes resolution consultant. His career has involved representing clients in many parts of the world including East Asia, the Middle East and throughout the United Kingdom. His work includes the preparation and resolution of construction claims, representing parties in arbitration and adjudication and acting as arbitrator, adjudicator and mediator.

Since the mid 1970s, Roger has been a regular contributor to technical journals, with more than 400 published articles to his name. His career has also included representing trade associations and he is a former member of the Joints Contract Tribunal which publishes JCT contracts. Roger was the founder of the Quantity Surveyors International and joint author of the Public Sector Partnering Contract.

“There is now an urgent need to standardise the methods used by claims practitioners and to publicise their services.  For those who join the ICCP there will be immediate recognition of their knowledge and skills which is essential when seeking commissions to prepare and negotiate claims, to respond to claims, or for those seeking positions of employment as claims practitioners” said Roger Knowles, Founder of the Knowles Group.

About the ICCP

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners (ICCP) is an international organisation providing recognition to those who have gained experience and qualifications in the claims sector of the construction industry.

The ICCP offers individual membership at Associate (AICCP), Member (MICCP) and Fellow (FICCP) levels based on qualifications and experience.

Corporate membership is available to companies that specialise, or who have departments that specialise, in construction claims and membership will be awarded on the basis of the services offered, expertise and company history.

Aside from gaining recognition within the industry as someone who possesses the right knowledge and skills to gain membership of the ICCP at the appropriate level, members have access to selection of benefits that serve to help develop their skills as a claims practitioner.

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