This is part 15 in an ongoing series on notices under FIDIC Silver Book 2017. This post covers the provision for notices in Clause 21 (Disputes in Arbitration).

Clause 21 (Disputes and Arbitration)
Sub-Clause 21.4 (Obtaining DAAB’s Decision). If a dispute arises, either Party may refer the dispute to the DAAB for its decision and within 84 days the DAAB shall give its decision in writing in line with Sub-Clause 21.4.3 (The DAAB’s Decision).

If the DAAB fails to make a timely decision, either Party may, within 28 days after this period has expired, give a Notice of Dissatisfaction (NoD) to the other party.

After the DAAB had given a decision, if either Party is dissatisfied with the decision fully or partly, within 28 days, such Party may give a NoD to the other party with a copy to the DAAB under Sub-Clause 21.4.4 (Dissatisfaction with DAAB’s Decision).

If there is no NoD within 28 days, the decision shall become final and binding on both Parties.

Except in certain cases, for example, if there is no DAAB in place, etc. Neither Party shall be entitled to commence arbitration of a dispute unless a NoD has been given in accordance with Sub-Clause 21.4.4 (Dissatisfaction with DAAB’s Decision).

Sub-Clause 21.5 (Amicable Settlement). When a Notice of Dissatisfaction (NoD) under Sub-Clause 21.4.4 (Dissatisfaction with DAAB’s Decision) has been given, both Parties shall attempt to settle the dispute amicably before the commencement of arbitration.

Sub-Clause 21.6 (Arbitration); Arbitration may be commenced on or after the 28th day from which the NoD was given.

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This guest post was written by Mansoor Ali, FICCP and Jishma Joy. It is the final post in a multi-part series and was originally published as a LinkedIn video, viewable here