Join Register of Claims Practitioners

Members and Fellows working on a consultancy basis have the opportunity to list themselves on our Register of Claims Practitioners.

Raise your profile and promote your services as a claims specialist.

How to apply to join the Register of Claims Practitioners.

*Fee Concessions: Applicants who reside in certain qualifying countries are offered a 50% fee concession on all fees and will pay just £125/year + membership fee.

Your online profile will be created and listed on the Claims Practitioners page.

Apply with a New Membership Application


  1. Decide on the membership level you want to apply for. Follow the ‘how to apply’ steps on the Associate, Member or Fellow page to complete your application
  2. Download and complete the Professional Profile Form. Include this form and a professional image (in JPEG format) with your membership application

Apply as an Existing Member


  1. Download and complete the Professional Profile Form.
  2. Make payment via credit card or PayPal through our online payment form.
  3. Send the following to
    • Completed Professional Profile Form
    • Professional image (JPEG format)
    • Copy of the payment receipt

Alternative membership levels offered by the ICCP

£190 / year*

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£260 / year*

Explore MICCP

£260 / year*

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