The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners offers various benefits to its members. From certification to a members only knowledge centre, the institute provides something of value to each and every member. Learn more about the specific benefits below.

ICCP Mentoring Programme

Designed to give Fellows an opportunity to give back to the industry by supporting and guiding aspiring construction claims practitioners who have joined at Associate level.

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The basics

All members will receive a certificate of membership upon completion of the registration process. As a member, you will also be entitled to include the appropriate membership designation after your name, i.e. AICCP, MICCP or FICCP.

Industry respect

Membership of the ICCP demonstrates that you possess the necessary education, qualifications and expertise of a qualified and competent construction claims practitioner and meet the standards required to join at the designated level.

Industry exposure

Your industry peers and potential employers will be able to verify your membership status with the ICCP via our public list of members. Members and Fellows who work on a consultancy basis may optionally elect for inclusion on the institute’s Register of Claims Practitioners so that third parties seeking professional advice may make direct contact.

Access to Relevant Industry Content

Download articles, case studies and papers on construction claims related topics from the Knowledge zone of the private member’s area. Search the Bookshop zone for the latest releases in industry books and be guided on purchases by content synopses and book reviews. Click here for more information on the member’s area and what you’ll find when you log in.

Expand Your Opportunities

Explore our Training and Education zones within the member’s area and find your next learning opportunity. Learn about networking opportunities and find information about seminars and conferences relevant to the industry that are taking place near you.

Member's Magazine

Stay up to date with the latest news from the ICCP. Expert commentary in your quarterly e-magazine keeps you informed of the latest news and developments on construction claims related topics. Fellows also have the opportunity to contribute to the magazine.

Reduced Fees on Training Courses

Claims Class is the only specialist provider of training and education on construction claims topics and the ICCP accredits their courses. Members of the ICCP are entitled to reduced fees on both Distance Learning and Intensive Training Courses offered by Claims Class.

Member's Get 25% Off from Wiley

Members are entitled to 25% discount on most books published by international publishers, Wiley Blackwell. Wiley have an extensive range of books and have published a number of leading books within the construction industry.

Member's get 15% Off from Routledge

Members are entitled to 15% discount on all books published by Routledge. Routledge publishes thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide. Their Building and Construction section provides access to all the latest information on topics covering Construction Law, Construction Management and much more.