General Information

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners (ICCP) is an international organisation that provides recognition to those who have gained experience and qualifications within the specialist field of construction claims.

The objectives of the ICCP are: to establish international professional standards for the management of claims, to give recognition to those who have gained appropriate knowledge and experience in the management of claims and to help and educate those who wish to gain experience in the management of claims.

The ICCP is registered as a not for profit Special Purpose Trust in the Isle of Man. The institute is run by a Steering Committee comprising of a President, Executive Officer, 3 elected Fellows and our General Manager. The committee is responsible for setting standards and to grow the ICCP in line with institute objectives and in ways that benefit our members.

We can be contacted via the Contact Us page or if you’d like to chat live, send us a message through the chat feature. If we’re online, we’ll get back to you straight away. If not, leave us a message and we’ll get in touch via email.