Apply for Membership

How to Apply for Associate, Member or Fellow Membership

Application for membership is straightforward, just follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the Member Application Form.
  2. Download and complete the Referee Endorsement Form.
  3. Download and complete the Details of Claims Experience Form.
  4. Make payment via credit card or PayPal through our online payment form.

Send the following to

  1. Completed Member Application Form.
  2. Completed Referee Endorsement Form.
  3. Completed Details of Claims Experience Form.
  4. PDF copy of your CV.
  5. PDF copies of your qualifications and professional institute memberships.*

* In the case of application for Associate, if you are still studying to gain a recognised qualification in a construction industry subject, which forms part of the Associate membership requirements, please submit confirmation via a letter from the educational body that you are currently studying with.

NOTE: The downloadable forms are best viewed and completed using the Adobe Reader, Version 10 or higher. Don’t have Adobe Reader? Download here.


Please arrange for a suitably qualified referee to sign all pages of your Member Application Form, Details of Claims Experience Form, CV and copies of your Continual Professional Development records. Your nominated referee must also complete the Referee Endorsement Form on your behalf.

Conditions of Application Submission

  1. Applications must be submitted exactly as indicated in the guidelines above.
  2. Applications that do not comply with these guidelines will need to be re-submitted which will delay the approval process.
  3. Each document must be submitted as a separate PDF document.

We will advise you of the results of your application within 7 business days. If your qualifications and/or experience do not match the criteria of the membership level applied for, we will advise you which membership level would be more suitable and refund any overpaid membership fees.

If your application does not meet the criteria for membership we will refund your membership fee but regret to advise that the application fee may not be refunded.