ICCP Help Center

Get answers to all your questions about membership and the institute.

Apply for Membership

Applying for Associate, Member or Fellow membership is straightforward, just follow our three step process.

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Membership Fees

The ICCP offers three levels of membership: Associate, Member and Fellow. We also offer reduced fees for those applying from certain qualifying countries.

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Renewing Membership

Renew your membership with a credit card or PayPal through our online payment form.

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Upgrading Membership

You can always upgrade your membership from Associate to Member, or from Member to Fellow and it really is straightforward.

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Reinstate Membership

If you have forgotten to renew your membership within the grace period (up to 14 days after expiry), your membership can be reinstated.

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Concessionary Fees

Residents of certain countries qualify for a 50% concession on all fees associated with membership. Check out our list to see if you qualify.