Contract Documents

It is extremely important for the contract administration system on a project to manage the documents forming the contract efficiently. In a claim situation, these documents will assist in producing an effective claim submission and may be vital to its success.

1.  The contract documents should be compiled and signed as soon as possible after the agreement has been reached.

2.  The contract documents should reflect any changes that have been introduced to the tender documents as a result of tender clarifications and negotiations between the parties.

3.  The propensity to include volumes of ‘other documents’ as appendices should be discouraged.

4.  A controlled set of contrast documents should be maintained on site.

5.  The controlled set of documents should be annotated with cross-references to other parts if the documents where necessary.

6.  A copy of the contract conditions which consolidates the general conditions and the particular conditions should be produced for day-to-day use.

7.  It is good practice to build up a ‘library’ of frequently used clauses, including any amendment made by the particular conditions in a Word document for future reproduction in correspondence and claims.

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners has a detailed paper on this subject.

To request a copy, please send an email with your contact details to with “Contract Documents” in the subject line.

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