Given the critical role of written documentation in resolving construction claims – whether inside or outside of the courtroom – it is essential that companies adequately train the individuals who create written documentation.

Depending on experience and training, the average worker on the project management or quality control team may not be aware of the best practices for creating written documents that may later be used to prove, or disprove, entitlement to additional time or money.

These employees are also unlikely to be aware of the business records exception to the rule against hearsay and the requirements that must be satisfied before a written document may be used as evidence in trial.

Wendy Wendrowski, Counsel, Seyfarth Shaw LLP, Washington D.C. has authored a paper outlining the best practices for generating and preserving construction records to avoid evidentiary challenges to company records if a construction claim is litigated.

To request a copy, please email your details to with “Construction Project Documentation” in the subject line.

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