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ICCP membership is granted to both individuals and companies. The ICCP also offers those with extensive experience an additional opportunity to promote themselves and their skills within the specialist field of construction claims.

Details of our individual and corporate members, and those who have opted to join the list of Claims Practitioners, can be found on the pages below.

Individual Members

A complete list of all current members of the ICCP along with their membership designation and location. The list is updated automatically when members join or renew membership, making it an excellent place for employers to verify an individual’s membership status.

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Corporate Members

A complete list of all current corporate members of the ICCP along with their company profiles and contact information. Corporate membership is available to companies offering construction claims services and is awarded based on company history, the construction claims services offered and team expertise.

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Claims Practitioners

Those who have been accepted as a Member or Fellow to the ICCP have an additional option of highlighting their experience and skills through an online profile. Listed claims practitioners either offer freelance claims consultancy services or work within organisations that offer such services.

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Whilst membership of the ICCP is restricted to individuals or companies who have demonstrated that they possess the relevant qualifications and/or experience to qualify for membership, the ICCP does not endorse any individual or company, listed on any of the above pages, for any particular appointment. Third parties wishing to make appointments must satisfy themselves that the individual or corporate member is suitable for the appointment in question.