About ICCP

Construction claims are a common part of the international construction industry. Anyone who works with claims knows that to do so professionally requires specialist skill.

Yet until a few years ago there was no professional institute that awarded claim specialists the recognition that they deserve.

Enter the Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners.

The Institute of Construction Claims Practitioners is a professional members’ organisation. We exist to recognise those with qualifications, skills and expertise in the effective and professional management of construction claims.

We are growing community of like-minded professionals who believe in improving the standards and quality of claims across the construction industry. We want to see claims resolved efficiently and effectively and expensive and time-consuming disputes avoided. We want to see projects completed on time and on budget to ensure that we achieve our end goal…to build things.

Many professionals with backgrounds in engineering, quantity surveying, project management and other professions have the knowledge and experience to manage, prepare or respond to claims. Many of the same professionals have also become claim specialists within companies or are employed as specialist claims consultants.

We believe that this group of professionals deserve recognition and the ICCP offers membership at Associate, Member and Fellow based on qualifications, skills and expertise. The ICCP also helps to mentor and develop the aspiring claims specialists of tomorrow.

Our core objectives

To establish international professional standards for the management of claims

To give recognition to those who have gained appropriate knowledge and experience in the management of claims

To help and educate those who wish to gain experience in the management of claims

ICCP Code of Ethics

Provides real practical guidance to our members and serves to promote public confidence in the level of competence and professionalism to be expected from an ICCP member.

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Regional Representatives

Members who have volunteered to act as a representative for the ICCP in their country of residence.

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Executive Steering Committee

The institute is managed by a dedicated and passionate team of volunteers comprised of the Steering Committee and a small administration and management team, all working together to grow the ICCP.

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Our community is international in nature and we currently have members from over 36 countries worldwide.

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A Recognised Professional Qualification

ICCP membership provides you with a recognised professional qualification. You will receive a certificate of membership and be entitled to include the appropriate membership designation after your name, i.e. AICCP, MICCP or FICCP.

CPD Webinars

Access to monthly CPD webinars delivered by industry experts on technical topics relating to contracts and claims.

Practical Templates

Access to practical templates designed to help refine your claims administration and management skills and contribute to your growing professionalism as a claims practitioner. Ready to use on your projects, each template is accompanied by a guidance document which explains how to use it and contains useful tips for best practice.

Access to Private Member’s Area

Your private member’s area is your one-stop shop for content relating to contracts and claims. Download articles, case studies and papers. Search for the latest releases in industry books. Search and compare higher education courses. Book your next seminar or CPD event. Access past webinar recordings and presentations. Take a look inside the member’s area.

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