Create Your Own Knowledge Centre

I have recently been sorting through reference material that I have collected over the years, to provide the Institute of Construction Claim Practitioners with suitable articles, papers and the like for inclusion in their knowledge centre. Whilst doing this, it struck me that the amount of information I have gathered is not only huge, but it has become an extremely useful tool for my work.

I started doing this in a small way by scanning articles in professional magazines that I found interesting, or that contained useful information and filing them in an ‘information’ folder on my computer. I also filed course notes from seminars and conferences in the same place, as well as various information and articles that I had dug up in the Internet whilst researching a particular subject. Realising that over time our memories become dim, I also filed away work that I had produced myself and which could potentially become useful in the future so that it was readily accessible.

The file eventually became so full of such information that I had to set up some sort of document control system if I was ever to be able to find anything when I needed it. I did this by way of a simple index created on a Word document table. The table contains columns for author, article title, brief description of the information and a hyper-link to the article. This now allows me to open the Word index, enter a key word search and, providing that the key words are included in the index, Word will take me to whatever articles are relevant to the search. These days I hardly ever have to search anywhere other than my own ‘knowledge centre’ to find what I need.

If you are involved on contractual issues and/or claims, I would highly recommend that you start a similar system. The small amount of effort to save and file such information as and when you come across it will repay itself many times in the years to come.

To request a sample of a Knowledge Base Index please send an email with your contact details to with “ Knowledge Base Index ” in the subject line.